Fishbelly was established in November of 1999, during the height of the Internet Bubble. It was started with a little corner space in the office of a consulting company located on 80 Wall Street in New York City managing projects and deploying technological solutions for financial firms around the world.

From the very beginning, Fishbelly was conceived as a provider of top quality fishing products and services. Since its inception, it has designed and produced top quality fishing lures that imitate live bait fish that predator fish and anglers alike find them irresistible. Over the years, Fishbelly, maker of the Hawg ShadTM, Popper ShadTM, Kick ShadTM, Gator MinnowTM, Samurai Twin SpinTM, Helix BuzzTM, and Helix NinjaTM, has attracted a growing list of anglers around the world. These anglers have become fans of Fishbelly and shared some of their wonderful experience with others. Some of them even appeared in YouTube videos viewed by tens of thousands around the world with a couple of videos attaining hundreds of thousand views.

As a dedication to our fans and users of our products, Fishbelly continues to offer top quality products and a forum to share our fishing experience. Because of our users and fans, we have adopted the tagline for our products from our fans - "Outfish live bait!" and another tagline from our fans sharing their experience - "Let's hook up!". Some fans even came up with a third tagline for experience - "Fishbelly brings fun back to fishing!" as in the feeling when your dad, grandpa or uncle took you on your first day fishing and thrill of catching your first fish that stays in your memory forever.

These lures caught more fish and many different species of fish than others.

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                         3.5" & 5" Shinai Shad(TM)                                                                                                        5" Bushido Shad(TM)


                           Helix Ninja(TM)                                       Samurai Twin Spin(TM)                                                     Hawg Shad(TM)                                                                                                                            

                                                     Popper Shad(TM)                                                                                                   Tri-fin Kick Shad(TM)





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