My favorite color is the milky greenback #28S. The bass agree. -John from California


I have found that the Hawg Shad softbaits have been dynamite for fluke/summer flounder, striped bass in our area.  I feel that they are the most realistic looking softbait on the market that resembles a lot of the baitfish in the NJ coastal area. - Brett from New Jersey


14.6lb largemouth bass 39"long 22"girth caught 11/26/05 7:00am on helix fishbelly buzz color #17 sunfish tampa,fl. golf course. Just received my order from you. Great product! - Paul from Tampa, Florida


I was recently using your product and landed a 12 pound plus bass in California on your Hawg Shad. - Greg from Minnesota


This carp was caught with the red Helix Ninja. - Alessandro from Italy.


This fish was caught on Black Lake in Campti, Louisiana. I caught her on the

Gold Shiner Samurai Twin Spin spinner bait. I was throwing around trees,

letting it sink and then bringing it across the base of the tree on a

slow/medium retrieve. She weighed right at 4 lbs and put up a good fight.

This is my first big Bass and I am now totally hooked on bass fishing. - Shannon from Louisiana.

Fishbelly hawgshad is so life-like even in the winter months when all other soft plastics stiffen in the freezing temperature, it still produces the necessary action to catch pikes and sanders. - Jens from Sweden.






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